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Image by Lukasz Szmigiel
Case Study 001


Full-scale Rebrand for outdoor adventure, hunting, fishing, and cooking content company


Outdoor Empire is a content & media website that showcases the industry's best outdoor gear with the ultimate goal of readers clicking affiliate links. Additionally, it highlights tips for hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, climbing, etc.



  • Full logo/icon package

  • Complete Style Guide

  • Digital Asset & Apparel Mockups

  • Letterheads

  • Business Cards

  • Iconography

  • Print usages

  • Editor’s Choice Badge

  • Merchandise Direction

  • Items for collaboration



The folks at Outdoor Empire had recently purchased the company and were looking to bring the entire brand into the 21st century with a more modern, authoritative, and approachable look. They also needed more immersive branding items, such as “editor’s choice” badges and iconography.


Outdoor Empire’s target audience understands the importance of quality when it comes to buying their gear–in a situation where having the right equipment can mean the difference between life or death, going for the cheapest deal isn’t something they’d typically do.



That’s why we focused on creating a brand that looked trustworthy and authoritative. Their name already suggests an established kingdom, presumably with a fair and wise ruler in charge; we echoed that concept with pointed, masculine typography mellowed out by friendly earthtones and topo lines that elicit a feeling of certainty in their sense of direction.

Outdoor Empire wanted an immersive brand experience, so we reflected the above concepts in their iconography, digital assets, style guide, and more.


Hiring a designer with a passion in your industry truly makes all the difference. Collaborating with someone you can see eye-to-eye with makes for the best art, the best visual communications, and the best working experience as a whole. I thoroughly enjoyed my time rebranding Outdoor Empire and look forward to helping them with projects in the future.

Visit the Outdoor Empire site HERE
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