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Case Study 003


Full-scale Brand Identity for Local Leather & Wood Crafts Based in Lancaster, Pa


Huegel Handcrafted is a passion project my brother Andrew and I started in 2018, with the objective of selling homemade wooden Turkey Calls (crafted & assembled by my grandfather, brother, father, and myself ) to close family and friends. 


But when Andrew started crafting professional-grade hats and wallets out of leather, interest from the local community began to grow. So we finally decided to make it official with a complete brand experience to match.  


Our goods are entirely handmade, hand-sewn, hand-dyed, and designed by us. We also source the majority of our materials locally, and we always craft our products together as a family. Our target audience is local to Lancaster, loves the idea of supporting small, and is likely to enjoy the outdoors.



  • Logo

  • Sub branding

  • Voice Branding

  • Website Building

  • Online Store

  • SEO Optimization

  • Copywriting

  • Social Media & Content Strategy

  • Product Descriptions

  • Product Packaging

  • Apparel Design

  • Sales/Marketing Strategy & Launch



Since my family has a longstanding generational tradition of handcraft and do-gooding within the community, it was important that this brand told the story of who we are. 

To help immersify our customers in this experience, we knew we needed to introduce ourselves, show our faces and personalities often, and share little pieces about our family traditions on social media and throughout visual identity. The Huegel story is The Huegel Handcrafted story, and that is what we kept in mind while designing this brand experience.



With lots of warm, wooden tones and classic typography that almost feels retro, we were able to imitate the feeling of being in our grandfather’s woodshop, which has old tools and antiques adorning every inch of its walls.


When it came to our voice-branding, we wanted to communicate a brand that was personal, wise, gentle, authoritative, comforting, and funny; exactly like our grandfather, who sparked our love of small business and always emphasized the importance of keeping family close.



As Huegel Handcrafted grows, we are loving sharing our family traditions with the world and using our values to inspire good. Since the branding is so authentic and true to who we are, it hasn’t been difficult to come up with fresh new content or sales strategies that reflect our values. Every day we strive to make the brand feel like our customers are honorary Huegels, down in the woodshop with us as we tell stories and craft each and every good by hand.

Visit the Huegel Handcrafted site HERE
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