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How Long Does it Take To Make a Logo?

It typically takes between 3-6 weeks for me to design a logo, but the time frame varies depending on my availability, and the complexity of the logo or project. You can reserve room in my schedule by paying your deposit; those who pay first are prioritized!

How Much Does a Logo Cost, and What’s Included?

I have a variety of logo packages available, which offer a varying number of concepts, revisions, pieces of brand identity, and additional digital marketing or web design services. They range between $500-$7,000.

That is to say, logo packages are completely customizable and priced according to your unique needs. Please fill out my contact form with as many details as possible about your project for more accurate pricing! 

Once your final graphics are approved, you’ll receive all the high-resolution vector (AI, EPS, PDF) and raster (JPEG, PNG) files needed for print production and online use in a well-organized folder.

Do I Get Ownership Rights of My Logo or Graphics?

Yes! However, like most graphic designers, I do reserve the right to use your logo in my portfolio and on my social media pages. Please let me know if there are any company stealth procedures in place before the project begins.  But I promise to link back to your website, and am always grateful for credit or a shoutout on yours when you introduce your new logo/brand!

What Does Your Design Process Look Like?

First, we’ll set up a free in-depth consultation via Zoom to go over your brand, your business goals, and your vision for your project. Once we agree upon the specs and timeline, I’ll get started on your artwork.

I begin by doing extensive research on your industry, your competitors, and the style you like. Then, once your first concepts/drafts are finished, I’ll send you the designs I’ve come up with to make sure we’re on the same page direction-wise. From there, we’ll collaborate closely for an agreed upon amount of revisions until we reach the final product.

Once your final graphics are approved, you’ll receive all the high-resolution vector (AI, EPS, PDF) and raster (JPEG, PNG) files needed for print production and online use in a well-organized folder.

Can You Design My Business Cards, Letterhead, Brochures, etc. After the Logo?

Of course! These pieces are called “brand identity” items, and there are numerous benefits to choosing the same graphic designer that created your logo to make them for you. When inquiring for pricing either via email or through my contact form, just make sure to mention what pieces of further brand identity deliverables you need so we can factor that into your logo package.

Can You Build Me a Website?

Yes! I have a unique, “teach a man to fish” approach to building websites with Squarespace and Wix. You can read more about that on my services page. For pricing, please mention that you need a website when inquiring either via email or through my contact form.

Do You Provide Copywriting, Naming, or Digital Marketing Services?

Yes I do. Graphic designers do not typically provide copywriting, naming, or digital marketing in conjunction with their services, but I recently expanded my team to include a specialist! You can read more about them on our team page. Please let us know which of these services you need when inquiring for prices via email or through my contact form.

Can You Design Logos That Aren’t Outdoor or Nature Related?

I can absolutely provide logos and graphics that aren’t outdoor related–though I love nature and the outdoor industry, it’s only a piece of who I am! I’m also passionate about craft spirits, serving small businesses (especially farms, ranches, handcrafters, and tradesmen), and anything else that might be for a good cause. As long as you like my style, I can design a logo for you.

Why Are Logos So Expensive? Can You Lower Your Price?

My price includes my education, my 10 years of professional design experience, the systems that help me streamline my design process and customer service experience, the time I spend researching projects and caring for my clients, the industry professionals I pay for additional expertise/insight on your design, my professional design programs, the time I spend packaging your files properly for print, my marketing know-how, all the expenses and mental labor that comes with running a business, and all of my experiences with clients before you that have made me a better designer.

I understand that some folks are on a budget! Luckily, there are many graphic designers just starting out that would jump at the chance to help out with your brand and work within a tighter price range. Feel free to reach out if you need a referral to one of those designers!

Why Can’t You Meet  With Me With Less Than 36 Hours Notice, “Rush” My Logo, or Work Nights or Weekends For Me?

In the first few years of running my business, I learned that nothing makes for better design work than boundaries! It’s important to me to strike an appropriate work/life balance that includes time with my family, a healthy lifestyle, plenty of rest and decompression. That’s why I don’t spend nights (EST time zone) and weekends on client work, and I don’t hold capacity for “rush” jobs. 

For this reason I do encourage all of my clients to plan ahead and give themselves plenty of time to build their brand identity and get their ducks in a row before “launching”, even if it’s a rebrand. I’m sure you’ve heard the Bob Carter quote, “your urgency is not my emergency”!

I don’t hold space in my business or my life for this urgency, which demands I compromise my peace of mind and quality-time with loved ones. Please be mindful of this when reaching out to me with a tight deadline! I appreciate it.


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