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Case Study 002


Identity, Merch, and Packaging Design for Local Organic Farm in Pottstown, Pa


Horseshoe Ranch is a regenerative farm located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania that boasts truly pasture-raised livestock and seasonal produce. Run by husband and wife team Brittany and Bryan Donovan–a surprisingly young and edgy couple with a lot to say about today’s unsustainable farming practices–Horseshoe has garnered significant attention on social media and among locals, who are inspired by their content to reconnect with how their food is made and raised. They deliver their eggs and produce to retail stores & restaurants in Philadelphia and other local areas.



  • New Logo

  • Brand Identity

  • Egg Carton Packaging

  • Label Design

  • Badge Design

  • Apparel

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Brittany and Bryan were looking for branding that was eye-catchingly modern and straightforward. They needed collateral that stood out and communicated their youthful, revolutionary approach to farming without too much fluff.



Horseshoe Ranch’s target audience are local folks with an interest in reconnecting with their food, and funding small farms who don’t take potentially harmful or abusive shortcuts to harvest and raise their offerings.


They don’t use “green” buzzwords to trick people into buying their goods, which tend to be most expensive due to the high quality of their production–instead, they maintain a reputation of transparency, honesty, and industriousness.

When it came to the branding, we kept it modern with delicate linework and used symbols to emphasize its Pennsylvania locality, including rivers and pine trees. We included natural  elements such as grass and branches to communicate their truly organic production, and centered the head of a chicken: since poultry is the very core of their farm. A straightforward symbol for their straightforward approach to farming.



In an industry as old as farming, going against the traditional grain can feel like a huge risk. But sometimes all you need is a beacon to communicate exactly who you are: for Bryan and Brittany, Horseshoe Ranch’s branding communicates their youth and penchant for innovation from across the room. Anyone at the farmer’s market seeking out a newer, more passionate and nature-minded farmer would be able to spot their logo and know that’s where they need to be.

Visit the Horse Shoe Ranch site HERE
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