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Welcome to 
Huegel Design Co.

Where nature's guidance and inspiration is never ignored

Do you have an idea for your rebrand that’s on the tip of your tongue? Can you almost visualize your new logo, but need a keen eye to tidy it up? Since starting my business, I’ve helped hundreds of companies turn their abstract visions into effective visual communications. As a seasoned nature-based designer, I offer a collaborative, personal, and flexible approach to providing my clients with brand identities that align with their personal mission.


Through my experiences hunting, camping, hiking, mountain biking, and fishing throughout the United States, I’ve come to understand that nature and I are one in the same. Because of that, I know the most profound wisdom and creativity lies within. I’m less interested in the “new” and “improved”, and more curious about how I can work within systems that already exist. The great outdoors is the ultimate source of knowledge, and that’s not information I take lightly.


Keeping this philosophy close, I’ve managed to build dozens of authentic relationships with like-minded clients, which has made for some really exceptional branding projects. This is why I love what I do: making connections, helping others, and honoring the environment are at the core of my company. I truly believe that when design is backed by such ethos, it’s that much more effective.

The Team


Douglas Huegel

Owner, Graphic Designer & Creative Director

Beverage of choice: Old Fashioned
If I was an animal, I’d be: A bison, roaming with my herd
Coolest place I’ve traveled: The CO Rocky Mountains

Doug is one of those lucky people that knew exactly what he wanted to "do" by the time he was in junior high. Graphic design was his calling, and figuring this out early-on gave him the experience and edge he needed to start a business of his own at the precocious age of 23. A few short years later, Doug was working for himself full time in Philadelphia, attracting clients like Pampers, The Philadelphia Eagles, Valley Forge Historical National Park, and Johnson & Johnson.


Then, In 2018, Doug had an epiphany during a visit to his hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania: he realized that city life made him feel totally disconnected from the outdoors, his family, and his community. That’s why he packed up his bags and made the big move “home”. Since then, he hasn’t stopped hunting, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and camping; all the things he did growing up. And he does most of this with his family by his side.


Needless to say, making the shift to becoming an "outdoor graphic designer" was a natural progression. Today, he genuinely looks forward to interacting with clients and integrating his life experiences into his design work. He has also recently started exploring his role as an intersectional, progressive activist in the outdoor spaces and hobbies he occupies.

In March of 2018, Doug co-founded the company Huegel Handcrafted with his brother Andrew, where they craft gifts & goods from wood & leather. The business was inspired by the multi-generational Huegel tradition of woodworking and helping others.

Lane Johnson Project
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Riley Huegel

Account Manager

Beverage of choice: just water, please
If I was an animal, I’d be: sleeping
Coolest place I’ve traveled: Nashville, Tennessee

Riley is a six year old pointer/hound mix that loves finding scent trails and window gazing. He is an extremely hard worker, often to a fault, and constantly gets on the team’s case for not working nights and weekends. However, he makes up for his stubbornness with excellent snuggles and a big, rubbable belly. He has loud yawns and sploots often. Riley has a PhD in napping and a minor in boofing at squirrels.


Moose Huegel

Assistant to the Account Manager

Beverage of choice: PUDDLE
If I was an animal, I’d be: MY DAD
Coolest place I’ve traveled: HIKEZ

Moose is a goofy three year old boxer/lab mix who is constantly getting himself into trouble. He is super needy, has a floppy face, and weaponizes his big sad eyes to get treats when he’s not supposed to. Moose unfortunately thinks every piece of design work is “THE BEST THING EVER” and “ABSOLUTELY AMAZING”, and is known for suggesting comic sans and neon green. For this reason we keep him strictly on customer service duty.

Topo Map Background-01.jpg

Here at Huegel Design Co., I recognize the responsibility to regularly assess the larger impact of my work through a lens of social impact and equity. From inquiry to invoice, I'm committed to identifying and eradicating any and all forms of racism, colonialism, fatphobia, transphobia, homophobia, ageism, and ableism present in my company processes, the creative process, and customer relationships.

  • Monthly donations are made to outdoor and hunting organizations promoting inclusivity

  • I offer a 5% discount on all services for conservation-based nonprofits

  • I offer a 5% discount on all services for BIPOC & LGBTQ+ owned outdoor companies

  • I offer a 5% discount on all services for woman-owned outdoor companies

To learn more about future impact plans, please email:

Support our Family Goods at Huegel Handcrafted

This is where leather and tradition meet. Our love for family, handcrafting, and nature inspire every craft we make.

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